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Adult Psychiatric

Adult Psychiatric Programs

Adult psychiatric services provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment to stabilize adults suffering from a psychiatric disorder, such as depression, bipolar disorder, or depression. We offer treatment programs at various levels of intensity to accommodate the severity of all patient situations. The program a patient is admitted to is determined by the results of a free, confidential assessment.

Our multidisciplinary team is led by a psychiatrist who designs individualized treatment plans to meet the needs of each patient. Treatment may involve psychological and behavioral components, medication management, family education, and participation in group therapy. Involvement of family and outside treatment providers is a crucial part of the recovery process.

Every program is also designed to treat dual diagnosis, which is when a patient suffers co-occurring psychiatric and addiction disorders. To treat both these conditions, we identify behavioral changes necessary for recovery, analyze the process of relapse, and develop strategies for long-term mental health and sobriety.

Adult Psychiatric Programs

This program is for patients in an acute state of crisis whose treatment needs are so severe they require around-the-clock care. This includes 24-hour nursing care and a full range of psychosocial interventions.

Discharge planning meetings are held with family and loved ones to allow patients to move as quickly as possible to another level of care or other appropriate aftercare program.

PHP offers patients structured psychiatric care while allowing them to return home at night to maintain important family and community relationships. It may be used as an appropriate alternative or transition from inpatient treatment for patients who do not pose a danger to themselves or others.

IOP is for patients whose psychiatric symptoms impede their ability to function at home or work, but who do not need the intensity of inpatient care or PHP. Through individual, group, and family therapy sessions, the program aims to stabilize symptoms by teaching patients the skills to effectively cope with problems and emotions.

This outpatient service features individual counseling, family therapy, medication management, and group programs. It can be used as a step-down or means of maintaining long-term mental health after graduating from a more intensive program.

ECT stimulates brain cells via a brief electrical pulse to quickly reverse symptoms of severe depression and other psychiatric disorders in patients who have not responded to medications. The procedure is performed by a team including a psychiatrist, anesthesiologist, and nursing staff.

While ECT may cause minor side effects in certain patients, the procedure is administered in a controlled setting to achieve the most benefit with the fewest possible risks. The ECT procedure is extremely safe and medical complications are rare. Patients are monitored constantly throughout treatment.



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